Bunge Dogo takes the average cup of coffee to the next level. Our mobile mini-bar caters to coffee enthusiasts who look forward to having the most incredible caffeinated sip of the day. Offering an extensive selection of blends and flavor combinations you can pair with some of our freshly prepared baked goods and hard beverages allows us to provide you with a truly unforgettable experience on your every visit.

Admired with love . . . 

"I'm an avid coffee drinker, so when I found out about Bunge Dogo, the idea behind it piqued my interest. Experiencing the mobile mini-bar was the best. They had a variety of baked goods available and tasty drinks to choose from, which made the experience even more pleasant. I'll be back for sure!"

 Adam G. 

"There’s so much to love about a place that serves coffee and baked goods with a side of alcoholic beverages. I'm truly a fan for life. I’m even planning to book them for my wedding reception in the coming months because everything they have to offer is amazing." 

Rahma Roy

"If you want to have a good experience while grabbing a quick bite and something to drink, I definitely suggest Bunge Dogo. The food is fantastic, and the drinks are delicious. I was impressed and can't wait to enjoy the experience all over again." 

Hannah B.

Upcoming Events . . .

Karibu-Kili Fair 2023

02nd - 04th June 2023
1000hrs - 1800hrs
Magereza Grounds, Ngaramtoni Chini, Arusha

Jambo Fair

20th & 21st May 2023
Makumbusho ya Azimio la Arusha

The Farmer's Market

0900hrs - 1700hrs
Plot 165, Hailesselasie Rd, Arusha